1. Chris Tranter - Sales Director
    Chris Tranter - Sales Director
    Having honed his skills at Edward Mellor, I had the pleasure in witnessing first hand, Nigel’s relaxed and engaging style with various audiences and skill set’s. He always ensured that each session was in an environment that was conducive for the group to both participate and enjoy the training experience. By outlining a schedule of the programme ahead of them, he received compliments and appreciation of the overall event and his delivery regularly brought smiles to the faces of the attendees.  
  2. Kelly Woolford - Director
    Kelly Woolford - Director
    We brought Nigel in after being highly recommended to carry out training for Woolford & Co as a new Estate Agent breaking into the local area. Nigel asked the right questions and really listened to our answers to ensure that he was meeting our needs. Nigel has been very professional in his work. Woolford & Co have been able to quickly grasp what is needed to be a real contender within the local Sales market after Nigel provided some great ideas and guidance from his wealth of knowledge on how to achieve our goals and increase instructions. We have already recommended Nigel to others within the industry and would urge any Estate Agency to engage with Nigel if they are wanting to gain a wider market share in their local area.
  3. Associate Consultancy
    Associate Consultancy
    Nigel has successfully managed two contracts for us. Nigel has delivered them to budget and has significantly exceeded all services levels markers as defined and measured by our Clients. These organisations are well known high street names, one is a large, northern UK based bank, whilst the other a leading high street nationwide Estate Agent. In respect to the latter, the property client, they have shown a 7% increment in sales conversion, (compared to the same period the previous year) since Nigel delivered the training and coaching follow up within the 15 Branches that he attended.
  4. Jed Elverson - Agency Owner
    Jed Elverson - Agency Owner
    Working with Nigel we created a company structure that not only looked at individual roles and responsibilities but also where their skill set best fits within our business and customer needs. An in-depth process that was made simple with Nigel’s knowledge of our industry and our own business.